Suddenly, the door was knocked. A lady opened up the door while she was in a rush for dinner. She saw a kid right in front of her and kid said “ If you are available for the night my mom wants to visit you.” Homeowner lady said “ Of course, we are waiting for you” in a warm voice.

You were used to push a button and whole world was coming to your living room from a small screen. It was like a miracle at that time.  Everyone used to get together and you host the guests.  Sometimes you used to witness the life outside the world with Star Trek, sometimes you solve the mystery with Pink Panther.

Not all days used to be same for you , at that time our Sun of Art “ Zeki Müren “ was coming up to rescue you. He used to make our heart warmer with his music. Children who will be a man used to wait for Barış Manço.

Every Sunday, children used to take a shower and prepare for the next week’s start off hopefully. Dads used to go their jobs and moms send off them. Daily worries used to end up finally with happiness of getting together. We were with you too as Misbaşak while this happiness happened.

We started this long journey at a small bakery exactly 43 years ago. We became one of the loved and reliable brands with our hard work and great effort.

We became a taste that increases with sharing the tea behind the opened doors after meal.

We became a piece of cake with milk that you eat secretly behind your mother’s back.

We became the warm bread you put the cheese that you love most into it while you go to your job or school.

We made the flavor that made you smile every hour in a day.

Wishing to be nicer, happier and more pleasant moments with you ,

Happy 43 years together.