Misbaşak, whose foundations are laid in a humble bakery in Ankara/Öveçler exactly 43 years ago, has become an important brand with a factory built on a closed area of 3,500 m 2, 20 branches and over 300 employees. One of the leading factors in achieving this great breakthrough is founders facing any challenge with fade, effort and sincerity . Second factor is we do not contain any product on counter that we can not consume ourselves.
Another factor is we do not consider the people who enters our branches as customers; we consider them as guests of our home and friends of us. Most important brace at this process are people’s kindness , their considering us as members of their family and welcoming us with open arms.

As Misbaşak family, our most important purpose at 100th anniversary of the Republic of Turkey is waving the Turkish flag abroad with our future exports to all over the world with people’s support. Also making production facilities grow to be competitive for global and taking care of protecting the environment are essential factor for us. Our biggest supporters always will be Misbaşak Family’s valuable employees and you dear customers. As Misbaşak family who uses both conventional and modern production techniques and pulling out all the stops with does not compromising their values , will serve the people with the passion that we had on our first day.

Best Regards,