Misbaşak state of 200 years ancient taste…

Su böreği which comes from Ottoman Palace Kitchen to now and became a familiar taste for us protected its value with witnessing the weddings, holidays, festivals like most important days for us for centuries.  We are aware of this ancient taste’s value as Misbaşak.  We started to serve the su börek at its best with knowing the importance of keeping the original tastes of Ottoman Cuisine alive. Phyllo dough that first quality flour and talented hand to make it is an unique part of this taste. We crown su börek’s taste with riches that our country provides us with most natural cheeses. We fry the butter that is the source of our su börek’s fascinating smell until it gets the nice colour of not only serving our taste also serving our eyes. We call this taste “ Su börek’s Misbaşak one” that we prepared with our talented secrets and stay loyal to the recipe that written in Palace’s kitchen centuries ago.

Every customers that found a chance to try our su börek will absolutely recognize a moment from past. The customers who want to make the happy moments had in their past to the next generations, will not give up on this taste at their special days.