Sourdough is an ancient form of baker’s yeast thought to have originated in ancient Egypt.  Sourdough bread which has a story that is starting from 5.000 years ago is getting made from a mixture of a wild yeast that is getting from flour and natural lactobacilli.

Why is sourdough bread healthy ?

Speeds up metabolism

Helps digestion

Contains nutritious fibers and vitamins

Helps blood sugars stability

Increases the body resistance

Types of sourdough breads that we have:

Whole wheat bread:

The yeast that it has in it is a natural probiotic. It makes immune system stronger.

Whole wheat bread has lots of advantages because of fiber that it contains. It makes you satiated longer and helps your digestion.

It provides a slow release of insulin in the body and prevents rapid rise in blood sugar.

Grainy’s whole wheat bread:

The sourdough and yoghurt in the dough are rich in calcium and magnesium.

Vitamins B and E, which are abundant in wheat strengthen the immune system.

It helps to keep the blood sugar level in balance as it provides a feeling of fullness for a long time



Sourdough cereal bread

Amino acids found in quinoa and chia seeds increase body resistance.

High grain ratio contributes to protein and magnesium intake.

Olive – Whole Wheat bread with thyme

Thyme , which is high in vitamins and minerals, strengthens the immune system. It has proven positive effects on blood pressure.

Olives are rich in antioxidants. It help protect cells.

It his highly nutritious thanks to sourdough and whole wheat flour that make up it dough.

Sourdough – Walnut rye bread:

It supports the digestive system and is effective in cholesterol control.

Rye grain, which has a low glycemic index, reduces the feeling of hunger.

The walnut that bread has, contains omega 3 and it makes bread rich in nutrition.